Why JAMB/UTME Cheats doesn't Work

Cheat is any illegal activities done in a way to “cut corners” or find alternatives to the normal set of standards or rules.

Jamb cheat has been in existence since the start of the examination, the reasons for this are basically the falling standard of education in the country and also young people trying to find “shortcuts” to passing exams.

It has gotten to the notice of the authority of the examination that there have always been some people working day and night to get the exam papers before the examination date, since it has gotten to the notice of JAMB officials of the scrupulous activities of some bad elements in the society, the authorities has put some tactics to combat the menace the cheats not to work. The followings are some of the ways by which the authority made cheats not to work. They are as follows:

  • Different Question Paper Types in Examination

  • Introduction of Computer Based Testing

  • Re-printing of Question papers

Different Question Types

Since the time by which the examination has started in late 1970s, the set of questions has gone through different metamorphosis from the time of having the same questions till the time when the body introduces different types. The introduction of the different question types has greatly reduced the examination malpractices and also contributed to the reasons why JAMB cheat doesn’t work. Now if a student is able to even get the questions and answers before the exam, he /she will not know the type of the question paper that will be assign to him/her.

Computer Based Testing

Computer based testing is another platform that was  introduced by the board conducting UTME examination as a way to reduce and curtail the  nefarious activities of some individuals in the aspect of looking for all possible ways of abating cheating in the  examination. It reduces the chances of cheating and makes the issue of cheating not to work at all. CBT doesn’t require the use of a particular set of questions, it requires the use of different sets of questions and each candidates has different sets of questions even if they are having the same subject combination. This didn’t allow the jamb cheat to work because there is no way by which the students will know the questions he will do.

Change of Questions

Some students that always rely heavily on the exam question paper leakages may be disappointed when the questions are altered one way or the other.

Sometimes when there is examination leakage, the board will swiftly respond to this by destroying the existing questions and printing another set of questions. This will make all the questions that they have before become invalid and this will not make the cheat to work.

Students should now know that the era of looking for cheat has become the thing of the past since the authority has checkmate all the areas that lapses can be detected. the best advice is for students to prepare very well for the examination and to put their mind away from looking for the questions before the exam.