Setting up a JAMB CBT Practice centre

JAMB CBT practice center is aimed at preparing examinees (students). So the practice center environment must be optimized for the CBT. Optimizing the environment, one thing must be in place and certain plans must be in ground. The thing includes; Resources (in the sense of computer components needed for the setup) and the plans should include decisions for CBT program about such matters as the optimal method for test delivery, site and choice of software and effective methods for addressing test security.


In preparation for setting up JAMB CBT center, it is important to recognize that some computer components are needed to set up a JAMB CBT practice center. Which include; monitor(s), Central Processing units (CPUs), Mouse, keyboard(s) printer, headset(s), Light pen, storage devices (external hard disk and flash disk) and Scanner. Also needs a network cable to share information with the students’ computer systems, power generating devices such as generator, inverter and solar panels are needed to ensure that there is no power outage during practice sessions. And, never forget the place of table and chair when setting up the practice center.

Air Condition is so important but not essential. It important because the computer systems must be kept cooled to avoid overheating, this lengthy the life span of the computer systems and air condition does the work of cooling the computer room.

Method of practice test delivery

A practice test that is administered on computer might be delivered through any of several methods. The most common delivery method for CBT programs is linear, or fixed CBT. This approach to test delivery is the method that is most similar to paper-and-pencil testing; a fixed set of items is administered to student, in a fixed order. A variation on the fixed CBT method is the random CBT method. The random CBT method also administers a fixed set of items; however, in this method the order of the items is randomized, to provide a modest test security benefit. A very different approach to test delivery is offered in the adaptive CBT method, also known as the Computer Adaptive Test, or CAT approach. In a CAT, items are individually selected for the student, based on his or her performance on earlier items in the practice test. While an adaptive CBT can result in a shorter test, it is more challenging to develop and can only be used by exam programs that have a large number of student.


This is another important thing to consider when setting up a JAMB CBT practice center. The students taking the practice need to be introduced to the software they are using and afterwards need to be coordinated and somebody need to do the job, so that practice sessions can go easily. Probably cleaners might be considered important too, because the computers systems must be kept clean at all times and as well the computer room must be kept clean.

CBT Site and Software

A CBT must be conducted for the students at a specific location. The physical location of the center at which a student will take the practice exam should be considerable safe for student to attend. The software application that is used to conduct transmit the electronic test data to the student's computer may also be used to display the test items on the screen.   Avalanche Nigeria has both software application and web application.