What makes Avalanche CBT Software Different from other Software

Towards the beginning of the first decade of the twenty-first century, there were more people clamoring for Computer Based Testing (CBT) solutions as a platform for testing candidates due to the disadvantages by which pencil-paper mode of testing has brought to the examination bodies and other institutions. The disadvantages includes but not limited to:

  • High level of examination malpractices
  • Longer hours of Script marking
  • Stress involved in Marking Script.
  • Time lag in release of result
  • Issues of missing scripts
  • High cost of logistics involved in the administration of the examination.

But with the advent on Computer Based Testing (CBT), majority of these challenges have been solved and have become things of the past. The result generation is now a matter of seconds, no need to mark the scripts because the computer would have done it. The issue of missing scripts or results cannot occur because everything is done electronically. It is now a matter of clicking the right buttons on the computer system to make the results pops out.

The new innovation in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) for educational purposes has increased to a new horizon now by which different companies has explored. They have come up with different CBT software to cater for different challenges of the academic sections.

Right now, there has been different software developed for the same purpose. The adage “there is no hiding place for a gold fish” is true and applicable to Avalanche Nigeria (www.avalanchenigeria.com) which produces different types of CBT software that caters for different academic needs. Some of the software includes:

  • Avalanche Practice Kit (PK) Student Version
  • Avalanche Practice Kit (PK) Enterprise Version
  • Avalanche Flex
  • Examtone.com
  • Avalanche School Management Software

This software is developed to meet a particular need in the educational sector.

Avalanche PK Student Version: It is design for student preparing for UTME and POST UTME CBT examination. It is software that can only be used in a computer system which it does not requires internet connection before it can be used. Avalanche PK contains more than 15 core subjects with over 20,000 past question and answers from 1987 till date. And it helps the student to have the idea on how the real Jamb interface looks like. It has an interface for the real Jamb platforms which helps students acclimatized them to the interface.

Avalanche PK Enterprise Version: It is designed as a real time UTME examination platform, where an examination can be conducted for multi users under the same fixed UTME time. It operates in a Server-client(s) relationship and does not require the internet connection to work. The software is preloaded with past UTME questions from different subjects. There are available subjects’ combinations that can be chosen upon student/candidate registration at the server end.

This practice kit is ideal for Business Centers, Business Owners, Commercial Computers, Schools, Lessons Cyber Cafes e.t.c. which they can us to boost their sales by using a single software for several students.

Avalanche Flex: Avalanche Flex is designed to be flexible to accommodate institutions of learning or organizations to input their personalized questions in a CBT platform, and to administer examinations. It makes use of server-client relationship to work. It does not require the internet connection to work. It has different features which are as follows:

  • It is very flexible i.e. easy to use
  • It does not require internet connection to work
  • It has easy and interactive icons
  • Thousands of scripts can be marked in seconds
  • Conversion of questions and answers from PDF and Microsoft word format to editable loader format
  • Exam auto-save in case of power failure
  • Editable/ flexible interface to suit your organizational need.
  • Ability to provide readymade questions from market
  • Exam Auto-Save in case of power failure
  • Results can be exported to Microsoft excel sheet and can also be printed
  • It also enables users the opportunity to upload their background image, logo, change colour and also design their own exam interfaces
  • Set groups in exam suite for easy classification of students
  • Very easy and interactive icons
  • Avalanche Flex is free from tiredness, fatigue

Examtone.com: It is a free online examination platform used by students to assess millions of questions online. It is an online assessment platform that students can use to test themselves on different questions from different examination bodies and institutions e.g Jamb, Waec, Post-Utme questions of different schools, educational institutions questions and notable examiners’ questions e.t.c.

It also has a section in which individuals and educational institutions can upload their questions on the platforms. Students in any part of the world can attempt it and get their results instantly and the examiner will also be notifies instantly.

Avalanche School Management Software: it is used for the educational institutions to manage the activities of their students. It processes all the students’ information from registration to result compilations. It follows the progress of the student from the first day at the institution till his/her last day and can archive it for years to come. The institution can access the students information anytime needed either the present year or in fifty years to come.