Marketing is not about selling only, it involves various issues.  If someone is going to market his product, planning begins before production. It involves determining what the customer wants and developing that product as well as delivering it to a place where the customer will reach or see in order to purchase it. Furthermore it involves determining a price for the product and identifying people who need it the most and by adopting the Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix

It used to be 4P’s, which are Product, Price, Place, Promotion, but however it was turned to 5P’s by adding People,(those who buy and sell the Product) these are the 5 pillars which anyone involved in marketing any product should have in  mind when planning. The 5 Pillars of Avalanche Preparatory Kits that we should consider are given below.

  1. Product
  2. Place
  3. Price
  4. Promotion
  5. People

In thinking about marketing a product, Company need to ask themselves about the five Ps:


Think of the product to be marketed? Is the Company producing what the customer wants? What services (for example AVALANCHE FLEX) if any, are requested by the customer

2. Place

Where the product is to be marketed and where the product is being needed most e.g. Avalanche Flex is not a product you can just take to market and sell anyhow, you have to put the right peg into the right hole in other to accomplish your goal. Avalanche Flex is needed in places like Higher Institutions, Secondary Schools, Tutorial Centre, Recruitment companies. e.t.c.


What price will the product be offered on the market for? Because the company will surely have a competitor which might want to adopt the law of demand in other to get the customers attentions but what really matters is the quality of the product.


How are people going to be informed that the product is available? And how are we going to draw out our customers?  The company needs to promote her product in other to create awareness to the public and to provide information for the potential buyer by creating a brand or positive image about your product


Who are the customers? What do they want or need? Who is actually going to market the product?   Customer is the number one priority to a company especially to a limited liability company because if they don’t give,  Company won’t receive. But first, the company needs to identify those who will sell the product in other to make good profit for company.