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AVALANCHE FLEX is the future designed especially for Universities, Computer Based Test Centers, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Mono-technics, Human Resources Company, Organizations and most especially, Secondary and primary schools for conducting for both internal and external examination on computer based testing platform (CBT). Avalanche Flex provides you the whole tools required to conduct a successful computer based examination. It helps from Imputation of questions, to managing of examinations and finally reporting. It is no gainsaying that it is designed to be flexible to accommodate institutions of learning or organizations to input their personalized questions in a CBT platform, and to administer examinations

Avalanche Flex is tried and tested Computer Based Testing (CBT) software that has been used for years by numerous organizations both local and international firms, far and wide. This flexible CBT platform is being sought after because the usefulness, usability and of course the user base is enormous.

Yes! the usability is great and the user base is growing every day. You may wonder why, let me the share you the juicy part on how Avalanche Flex works. Avalanche flex is user-designed into three different software units, with each unit performing particular functions required in conducting every examinations and computer based examinations. These units are Exam Loader, Avalanche Flex Server and Avalanche Flex Client

Examloader - THE Editor

Avalanche ExamLoader is one of the applications in the Avalanche Flex Suite. It is the CBT questions maker/editor for the Avalanche Flex. It is to be installed on systems of examiners, teachers or lecturers preparing the test questions or materials. It's just the microsoft office word for CBT questions.

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Flex Server - The Heart

Avalanche Flex Server is the engine or you call it the heart of Avalanche Flex CBT solution. AvaFlex Server is to be installed on a dedicated system to adminster computer based testing for all client systems; the systems for examinees.

The Avalanche Flex Server manages all the entire process of the computer based testing; from registration of examinees to serving of questions to all client-systems to finally, marking and grading of examination.

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Flex Client - The student/Examinee Side.

AvaFlex Client is the student interface of the CBT solution. The Avalanche Flex Client software needs to be installed in all to be used client systems or computers. As the worksheet, answer sheet and question paper for the computer based testing system, it depends solely on Avalanche Flex server, for questions, preference settings, interface, markings and timing. It is the only part of theAvalanche Flex CBT suite that the examinees/students interact with.

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Download all the software units; examloader, server and client.

AvaFlex -ExamLoader

Just like Microsoft office word has been a favorite editor for preparing paper based examination for printing, Exam loader is turning to be a favorite editor for preparing questions for computer based examination. This software unit is carefully designed as a non –disruptive innovation and of course, a continuous innovation as Exam loader avails you the wizard to convert your existing questions typed in word to Exam Loader. OH! You have your questions in pdf, Exam Loader is also designed to carefully that as well.

This software unit brings you opportunity to flex while preparing questions for your examination with the “wizardish” function to convert your existing questions in pdf or office word to flex type. Really, this is not the only beauty that graces this software unit, it is carefully and specially designed with every assistants and tools necessary for you to flex while preparing questions for computer based examination. These tools are carefully designed for examiners, human resource managers, ICT administrators, lecturers and teachers to assist in preparing questions for Avalanche Flex.

Tools In Examloader

Oh! There is a feature designed to turn your passion to money on the Exam Loader, it is called “market place”. It is a feature designed for examiners, teachers and author to prepare assessment questions for other users to buy and use on their Avalanche Flex. Yes! it is like you authoring a book for a publisher to sell for you and collect royalty. With Examloader, it is a bit different, you author an e-assessment book and sell at your price and we collect the royalty. Pretty cool right? Because you determine the price and we provide the platform for you to author and sell, you collect the money and pay us the royalty.


You can download ExamLoader, and start preparing your question right away

AvaFlex -Flex Server

Really, if there is any reason that Avalanche Flex is designed, it is for you to flex while you conduct an examination. Imagine that all you have to do in conducting examination for up to 120,000 examinees at a time is just clicking a button and you have the result and reporting just immediately after the examination. Really, don’t imagine it; it is the reality that Avalanche Flex brings with the Flex Server unit. Avalanche flex Server is the heart of Avalanche Flex that pumps the right amount of questions to the examinees and keeps the examination alive. It is also the brain that determines how every aspect of examination administration is done. In all, Avalanche Flex Server is not just the software unit for administrating, marking and analyzing results for every examination. It is the innovation that avails you to conduct a single examination for different examinations of different subjects. Explicitly, imagine conducting a single examination for examinees taking chemistry and same exam for examinees taking geography and some recruitment test. Am sure now, you are thinking maybe you could have as many examination as possible in a single examination. Alas! Enough of your imaginations, call 08165656585 to feel the flexibility that Avalanche Flex brings with the Flex Server.

Enough of the beauties that Avalanche Flex can do with the Flex Server, it is necessary to look at where it was developed to better understand its relevance. Avalanche Flex was painstakingly developed in Africa using the latest cutting edge technology available in the international market. Yes! Developed in Africa for African markets first, then international market. If it is developed for Africans, then issues like power outages and cost of internet has been considered. If there is anything that makes Avalanche Flex a highly sought after solution, it is the unique behavior to auto resume after power outages. Maybe, you did not get that, get Avalanche Flex, start an examination, and switch off your power main and switch it on back; it will behave as if there was no power interruption at all. That’s Avalanche Flex and that is the comfort and flexibility it brings without the use of internet at all

As discussed earlier, the Flex Server is the heart of Avalanche Flex. Needless to tell you that it is indispensable to conducting a stress-free and successful computer based examination. Specifically the features of the Flex Server outlined below

  • tolls Customize the Computer Based Examination Software to your institution
  • tolls Manage examinees details and registration of examinees
  • tolls Export Examinees’ details to Microsoft Office excel
  • tolls Provides graphical examinee’s performance for series of examination
  • tolls Provides Market Place to download existing CBT questions to use for examination in case where user is not opportune make his own questions
  • tolls Examination Monitoring Service
  • tolls Result Export to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, .Pdf and to print
  • tolls Provides three types of examination interfaces- Quick, Standard and Split.
  • tolls Manages Avalanche Flex Client behavior and functionalities.
  • tolls Provides Auto-Backup function in case of power outage
  • tolls Set Exam Time
  • tolls Design the interface you desire

Yes! You can customize Avalanche Flex to your institution, may be you did not see that, it is the first feature mentioned. With Avalanche Flex, you can customize how the Examination platform for examinees will look like. I do not mean that you can only change the color of the software; rather I am talking about an opportunity to transform the platform as if it was specifically designed for you, to speak your brand and flex the potentials in your brands. Do not spend a fortune to design a custom CBT platform; rather customize Avalanche Flex to speak your brand.


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AvaFlex -Flex Client

You will probably need an answer sheet and a question paper for examinees to conduct a paper and pencil examination. Flex client is the fusion of answer sheet and a question paper required for examinees/ students to take the examination. Really, answer sheet and question paper are not reusable- one is attached to one examinee per examination. Flex client is different, it runs on the system and it is reusable. One flex client for as many examination. Enough of the stories and analogies, Flex client consumes the questions pumped from the heart; Avalanche Flex Server. After examination, it returns the questions and answers back to the Flex Server for analysis. May be that sound pretty technical, really that is what it does but users including examinees/students do not have to worry about that because, they just need a mouse to pick the correct options. For surety, it is the best software I have seen when it comes to user interactivity and usability, really it just as simple to use as shading the correct option on paper; nay; simpler than that.


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As recommended by experts on system analysis, when choosing generic software like Avalanche Flex, two points are important before picking up generic software. These points are

  1. Who developed the software; the company and the calibre of developers for the software
  2. Is the software developed for you; or your sector?

Yes! These points are very important but I consider the second point to be more important than the first point. I mean, if generic software is developed by the best developers and it’s not developed for you, it will be like using the best toothpaste to bath. Am sure you do not want to do that. Based on the foregoing, I strongly suggest that you do not pick up Avalanche Flex if you do not fall in to these categories.

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