Metamorphosis of Avalanche JAMB CBT; AvaJAMB

The adoption of CBT (computer based test) over the commonly known paper test is a welcome development and a way of adopting technology. And also, it paves way for new development in Policy change brings forth new ideas/innovations; the policy change in the educational sector by the IT world by developing similar software for university prospects in other to adapt them into the new examination environment.

Avalanche PK is a computer based software for students preparing for JAMB/POST-JAMB examination. It contains more than 20,000 question and answer from 1978 till date spanning through more than 15 core jamb subjects. It is the best platform to prepare for jamb CBT as it contains the Jamb CBT interface. it a single user software used by senior secondary school students, Jamb prospects, Secondary School Learners, Lesson, CBT Centers.

The software named Avalanche Preparatory kit comes in two packages. The student version is a personal package where a prospect can personally practice with in preparation for the real examination. The enterprise version on the other hand is a business/commercial package that has the server client relationship, whereby multi users can make use of it in relation to the number of clients.

The Avalanche PK Student version has gone through different metamorphosis stages to what it is today. It started from Avalanche CBT software to Avalanche preparatory kit to Avalanche practice kit. The difference in the stages also sees to the improvement of the product in order to be more fashionable, attractive, inviting, user friendly as well as be able to compete with other CBT software nationally.

The Software has been upgraded and updated to the current efficient and effective products it is presently. The following features have been introduced into the software:

The Original Version called “Avalanche UTME CBT Software” has only the standard exam.

STANDARD EXAM: It is the examination platform whereby the users relate with similar examination time, reshuffling of questions which indicate that there is no fixed format of orders for examination setting. It is very useful in the preparing candidates for the dicey way by which JAMB operate “Paper Type” question. It also makes use of the standard JAMB time for the UTME examination.

The next version was released in 2013 called “Avalanche Preparatory Kit”. It comes with another Interface called “Quick Exam”  

QUICK EXAM: It is a platform that is introduced to allow students to set their own duration of exam ranges from 3 minutes to 15 minutes. The set time questions are shuffle amongst the student chosen course combinations. This examination is set for students to attempt quick examination for quick reviews.  It is very useful to the extent that time can also be allocated to each question.

After then another update was introduced which cater for the real JAMB interface and individual subject. It is called “Avalanche Practice Kit” The new interfaces introduced was “Split Exam” and “Key Exam”

KEY EXAM: The key exam is an examination platform introduced as an educational game-like environment. It is developed to help end users to get defined answers to questions, which helps them to get fast answers if similar questions are seen in any examination environment.

SPLIT EXAM: the examination platform allows extensive examination time for software users, ranging from five (5) minutes to one (1) hour / 60 minutes. The user can set his/her time, and the subjects are not randomly picked from the subject combination, but you can select the subject you want to attempt. The split exam also allows the user to know the time spent on each of the question.

These new features has made avalanche practice CBT highly sort after by those that know the value of a good product.