7 errors you must avoid during a computer based examination (CBT)

Many a text has been published on errors to avoid during an examination which majored on the paper-pencil examination. In this view, what then are errors to avoid during computer based examination? Furthermore, computer based mode of examination has been frequently used in recent examination. A very good example of recent application is the CBT for jamb UTME. Thus, this text considers the errors to avoid during a computer based testing.

ERROR 1:Handling Issue/Yourself

 Issues that occur in  computer based testing are ofen technical. Thus it is advisable to seek proper attention of the supervisor or invigilator during an examination

ERROR 2: Neglect to Confirm One’s Exam Details

Major computer based testing software interfaces an examinee’s personal detail confirmation prompt, but it has been noted that most examinee do not painstakingly assay their details before confirming. Consequently, many a student has done an examination on another student details; In other words, conducting an examination for another student.

ERROR 3: Submission Before Completion Of Exam

Many students come into a computer based examination hall with full notion of a paper-pencil-based examination for which it’s possible to submit a paper and recollect for modification or entry of examinee’s personal details. It’s with noting that once a computer based exam has been submitted, it cannot be called back. Thus it is advisable to confirm and recheck the whole question before clicking the submit button. However, in some computer based testing software there’s room for slight modification. In this however,  you find yourself in this situation, always talk with the invigilators.

ERROR 4: Fiddling With Computer Gadgets 

Your paper, pencil and biro for the computer based exam, is your mouse, keyboard and the screen. In this view, it’s very dangerous and catastrophic to fiddle with the computer gadget. Fiddling with this gadget could bring down your examination and in some rare cases the examination of others. Therefore, always stay away with gadgets like CPU, electrical extension and so on. However, having any technical issue, always consult the invigilators.

ERROR 5 : Improper Handling Mouse

  • As pencil or biro is to paper-pencil exam, so its mouse to a computer based examination. In this view it’s advisable for students to practice and get themselves used to proper handling of mouse. Practically to practice the usage of mouse in a computer based exam, get Avalanche PK 2014(student version) or Moustler _ an educational game(Although not yet published as at the time of writing this text) to practice.

ERROR 6: Generalised Belief Of Computer Based Testing Software Interface

  • it’s worth noting that not all computer based exam software interfaces look alike and each is unique to the developer or the developing company. Thus, it’s expedient to always listen to the invigilator as he explains the functions or the details of the computer based examination software.

Error 7: Intimidation by The Timing Process

it’s not newsy that most computer based exam is time based and this is also applicable to paper pencil exam. However most examinees face an computer based testing with a notion that computer based testing is shorter in time. Empirically computer based exam is not shorter than the paper-pencil based exam. However, the time is exact. In all, examinee should face her/his examination without glueing his/her eyes to the  timing screen which in most cases can instill fear.

Finally, having looked through all errors to avoid during a computer based exam. I suggest to you check the do’s and don’ts for a computer based examination by Ayoola Falola.