7 Things you must have done before you are said to be fully Prepared for Jamb CBT

Jamb CBT exam is the newly introduced method of testing students in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). It is a lot different from the normal paper and pencil test; it involves adequate preparation on the part of the student that wants to write the examination.

It involves the use of the computer as a platform to test the knowledge of the candidates in the different aspect of subjects the student registered for before the examination. There are some things the student must have to undertake to have a successful outcome in the said examination.

For any students to be fully prepared for the examination, he must have undergone the following under listed activities.

1     Collect Jamb Form: The process involved in the collection of the Jamb form has been changed from the previous time; it now involved going straight to the CBT center and registering apart from the older method of going to the Cyber-Café or Jamb registration Centers. The Candidate must go in person to register; fill the necessary forms and made sure that his/her Bio-metric data is captured and uploaded immediately. The print-out form must be collected immediately indicating that his/her form has been purchased and the exam number and the seat number have been given; this means that his application has been successful.

          Note: Registration will Qualify you to Write the Examination


2.        Study Very Hard:  There is no 2-way to studying hard or hard work, you either take it or leave it, and there is no alternative. If you want to know if you are prepared or not, you must have studied very hard and carefully. You must have been able to read with the syllabus and make sure you have covered all the topics of the subjects you will be writing in the examination. Once you have done that, you will have confidence in yourself that you are prepared for the examination.


3.        Attending Tutorial Classes: Attending a good tutorial class can also add to the candidate’s preparation for the Jamb CBT exam, although this doesn’t guarantee the best performance in the examination but it will add to the knowledge you have acquired beforehand. Attending tutorial class that will very helpful to you.                                          You can get a private tutor to help you in the area of your deficiencies. Make sure that the tutorial class is helpful for you and you aren’t attending just because your friends are attending one.                                   

 You will Always Remember whatever you have Read.


4.         Get past questions:  Making use of past question can really help you to be fully prepared for the examination. The number of questions you can confidently answer will determine how prepared you are for the examination. You must have tried your hands on several questions and solve them conveniently.

Jamb may Repeat some Past Questions


5.          Practice with Good Software: Avalanche Nigeria has helped in developing software that helps you know how to go about CBT exam; the software can be used to practice as many times as possible before the exam date. It has more than 20,000 questions and answers spanning through more than 15 core subjects of the Jamb examination.Check it out here

Obedience is better than Sacrifice


6.         Know your Exam Center: Make sure you know the center of your exam as soon as possible to avoid delay on the exam day. Try and get everything that will be necessary for you to perform better in the examination.

If you are in Doubt, Please Ask.


7.         Prayer: Make sure you have prayed and commit your ways to the hand of God, and he will not disappoint you in all your endeavors. Pray along while you are reading, It will help you in both the short and long run.

Trust God with all your Heart and Lean not on your own Understanding.