The Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination with acronym UTME is a general exam that combines Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges examinations for students willing to study into one out of all in Nigeria. It is written yearly by Senior Secondary School leavers of not less than 1million in number. But, despite the fact that the exam has been upgraded from paper-writing Exam into a Computer Based Test Exam, some students still fail in great amount.

To ‘Fail’ means to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired or approved. Failure to prepare well for this exam results in a definite failure instead of success, according to the popular saying “Those who fail to prepare, are only prepared to fail”. Ways of overcoming such failure are explained below.

  1. Positive attitude to Book Reading
  2.  Overcoming Computer Frights
  3. Attending tutorial/past Questions
  4. Proper Health Care
  5. Religion/ Beliefs
  6. Purchasing The Avalanche PK

Positive attitude to Book Reading: Some parents encourage their children at being lazy with their books by allowing them have their way. Some will even refuse to do school assignments and will rather copy their friends work on getting to school the following day. Parents did not see any of this as their responsibility, instead they leave their children in the hands of teachers in school forgetting that such children will not only be problems in school but also become a problem to them in the future and by-passing truth about charity beginning at home. Therefore parents should strictly monitor the daily activities of their children pertaining to their working, playing and reading hours.

 Overcoming Computer Frights: Students should be exposed to a computer system, be it desktop or laptop in school or at home in order to overcome certain frights like mouse operations, typing and keyboard shortcuts, minimizing and maximizing page, e.t.c.    

Attending tutorial/past Questions: Parents should also encourage their Children to attend tutorials and work on past questions in order to get them exposed to aspects where questions are asked and quicker ways to answer questions in subjects pertaining to calculation.

Proper Health Care: Parents/ Guardians should also see to the proper healthiness of their children/wards as exam approaches. Malaria, Fever, Eye problems and any other illness/disease should be carefully treated by specialized personnel. Self medication should be strictly avoided.

Religion/Beliefs: Some families see weakness in others that reads instead of praying. Religion and Beliefs should not be misinterpreted rather equations of reading and praying should be balanced and students should not be allowed to go into exam hall without eating.

Purchasing The Avalanche PK: The Avalanche Practice Kit (Student Version) is an helpful software that will contribute to the success of individual students. Software can be purchased from nearby bookshops or the company’s main office at 3B, Kobiowu crescent, Iyaganku quarters, Ibadan, Oyo state. It can also be downloaded from the official website www.avalanchenigeria.com.

In conclusion, points explained above must be worked upon in order to gain proper perspective to success. It is often said and believed that only those who give up on success are failure.