Often times we are  moved to take up or enrol for computer courses based on what people say about it or the  “trending” factor people placed on it, and missing out on the most important questions to be self-answered before enrolling for advance computer courses. Questions like:

  • The relevance of the computer course to your field/career
  • How applicable is the course in your career or business?
  • Do I have in depth hunger to learn the chosen course?
  • How to get the best Computer School to help with knowledge sharing?
  • Do I have time to practise?

And many more other relevant questions need to be self-answered to convince yourself on the new path of the decision made. It is so common and sad when an acclaimed certified professional cannot apply supposed knowledge from the course certified on to real life challenges or scenarios. It’s more or less means certifications are not always the ideal criterial in knowing human capabilities, but should rather be on what you know and its application.

Computer courses applications into real life scenarios requires having a well-grounded tutor or teacher that has proven works in the same course of study to master the student, get your hands dirty by putting into the practice the taught works, and getting challenged to solve possible problems in real world.

This is how we can build our community technologically and being less reliant on foreign heads to solve our local or organisation related problems, this also will increase innovative youths that think and build at the same time.

Now how do we identify a school that can practically endow the youths and organisational staff in the interpretation/conversion of advanced course content to practicable abilities of the students? The only school that comes to mind is SCHROBS.

School of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (SCHROBS) is a school dedicated to impact our society by breeding technological inclined professionals and innovators. This can only be done through our professional tutors that teach what they live on every day. The foundation of the school is to teach and live creative mind to our students.

Much can be said about the school and the career opportunities it gives the students, but having a direct impact will be an unending creativity.