Day_3  - These Schools secret exposed OAU, UI, ILORIN _What they don’t tell you

Day_3 - These Schools secret exposed OAU, UI, ILORIN _What they don’t tell you

Day_3  - These Schools secret exposed OAU, UI, ILORIN _What they don’t tell you

This is what they don’t tell you about these schools, the grandest secret about picking the right choice of institution. You probably have schools of your choice in mind, schools you boast about and think is the best. But are they really what you think they are? I will be answering the questions in this article.

     1.) They don’t want you - You see, these schools are choked up, a lot of student pick these everyone-dream schools like OAU, UI, and Ilorin because they are popular and well known. Imagine an institution that can only admit 50,000 students, and over 150,000 students applied to this school over the country. They would definitely be left with no choice than to disqualify some student, and that’s where the issue comes. Some students end up not getting picked not because they don’t have the requirement but because the schools just need to do that.  There are only two solutions to this issue:

  •        It’s either you leave those highly competitive institutions- Get another good institution that teaches your course well.


  • ·         Make sure to just have a greater chance on your second choice. – just be sure that when these institutions do not pick you, your second choice will, that will serve as a back up plan.

But I know some people will want to go for the second choice, but why can’t you take the first choice?

2.) Examine yourself – Before selecting institutions, know your capabilities, you probably would know what you want by now if you read my other article, be realistic, you know this is what you want to score and   probably know the institution you are selecting, their cut off mark, give yourself a chance of examining and analyzing your scores, then you know if you stand a chance for admission in the institution or not.

3.)    Influence – Friends and family members also play a very important part here. The influence they impact on your choice is a very big thing. Some of you just don’t pick things because you like it, it’s because of your friends and families, what they will think when you select the rather famous institutions. Don’t let those things have impact on you, give yourself what you want.

Before we move on, on what to I did the next day, Just an insight on what I did the next day, I picked the course of my choice which I am sure most of you already have decided on which course you want to study.