DAY_2 - Stepping out of your comfort zone to fulfill your dreams!!.

DAY_2 - Stepping out of your comfort zone to fulfill your dreams!!.

DAY_2 - Stepping out of your comfort zone to fulfill your dreams!!.

Someone once told me this “You start living life, when you step out of your comfort zone” think of this every day and you will be great. This quote really explains why you always hope and not make things work out for you, where you are right now is your comfort zone, you are not stressing yourself, you try not to be the point people’s attraction towards yourself that makes you in your comfort zone. And let me tell you this your success stay outside your comfort zone, just take that step in life and I promise you, you won’t regret.  You want to take that step right?

Your comfort zone start right from your mind, just give it to yourself “I am out of this zone” and yes you are out! (not just like that although, but the mind is the first)Now remove those barriers, those limitation, things you say to yourself like “I can’t study for more than 3 hours, I can’t be the overall best in my class” stop that! You can do anything, those things you say to yourself  and keep you in your comfort zone, so to determine what you want just do above your limitation. It’s going to be hard at first but as time pass by, it will become normal. Once you can do that then you can determine what you want and stop hoping and start working. That achieved, you can then determine for yourself what you want confidently, with the courage to work towards it and hit it

Imagine a student with a target of over 300 total will have to aim at  a score like this .

My target score for JAMB: 317

Use of English: 77

Mathematics: 75

Physics: 85


I said this before and I will say it again, imagine the smile on your face, your family and your friends when you are called out as the best overall in your UTME exam in the whole state or probably over West Africa, then that time you got what you deserve. That will give you enough encouragement and the zeal to work towards that day. We can then move over to making decisions about institutions and course when you have just 98 days left!